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BCSModeler allows you to create and deploy BDC Models with your SharePoint solutions to Office365.

By default, you may only deploy BDC Models to farm solutions. Office365 requires sandbox solutions.

The .NET assembly connector is comprised of managed code, which is compiled into an assembly. The assembly is deployed to the GAC on the SharePoint server where the BCS service application runs. Because the .NET assembly requires an assembly to be deployed to the GAC, it must be deployed with a farm solution.

BCSModeler circumvents this limitation by creating a BDC Model upon feature activation.


public static void Main()
    BCSModeler modeler = new BCSModeler("<URL:port>");
    modeler.Generate(<BcsType>, "<path>");


  • <URL:port> is the URL and port of your SharePoint site.
  • <BcsType> is a value of BcsTypes enumeration that defines the type of BCS connection you are making.
  • <path> is the path to the data that corresponds to the chosen BcsType.



  • Bdcm - imports a Business Data Catalog Model (.bdcm)
    The <path> is the path to the .bdcm file.

  • Config (under development) - creates a BDCM based on an XML configuration file.
    The <path> is the path to the .xml file.

  • Wcf (under development) - automatically generates the BDCM from a WCF web service.
    The <path> is the WCF web service URL.

  • Database (planned for future release) - automatically generates the BDCM from a database.
    The <path> is the connection string to the database.

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